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At CCRA we have designed a quick start program to help you, the water provider, city official, or service provider, understand what is required for providing safe drinking water and sustaining a healthy life style for your community.
This website has been designed to provide a conduit of information about safe drinking water in your community. We would like to thank you for taking few minutes of your busy day to review this information and understand how you can help your community have a safe, effective and affordable Safe Water Program.


We are delighted that Mayors, Village Presidents, Water Company Presidents, Water Commissioners, and Councilmen/Women have taken the time out of their busy schedule to understand what is necessary to keep their community safe and learn how they can best serve their public with a responsible Cross Connection Control Program.
We have broken down the complicated, and confusing, EPA requirements for your state and made them easy to understand in a matter of minutes, allowing better decision making on this important issue that impacts your community.

Simply click on the "EPA Law" tab and click on your "state".

We also provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Cross-Connection Control Programs. These "FAQ's" will help you ask the right questions when investigating if your community is in compliance and safe.

Simply click on the "Water Custodians" Tab and then clicking on "FAQ's".

After taking a few minutes review this information if you have any more questions please feel free to contact us through the "Contact us" tab or call our Corporate offices at (630) 450-7781.

Service Providers:

Public Works Directors, Operators, Water Custodians, Engineer, Water Quality Manager, and Director of Operations have a special interest in how to implement these un-mandated regulations, without additional resources available, to produce a quality program that conforms to the laws and requirements of the EPA.

By clicking on the "EPA law" Tab and clicking on "State" you can take advantage of CCRA's breakdown of the law, gain a better understanding of the law, and make better decisions that impact your community and department.

By clicking on the "Letter from EPA" link you can learn what the EPA really wants in your program.
The "Water Custodians Tab FAQ" will answer the majority of your questions as well.

Browse the rest of the website and you will see additional information about what an effective Cross-Connection Control Program is all about and how CCRA can help you implement an effective, economical, and EPA-compliant program for your community.

Call our Corporate offices (630) 450-7781 for answers to any questions you may have or to obtain our FREE copies of our publications:

"Cross Connection Control Reference Manual"
"Understanding Outsourcing Cross Connection Control Programs"

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